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I Feel Like an Animal in a Cage…

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I feel like an animal in a cage. I am on the way to recovery from a major sports injury, but my manager and agents don’t feel right about submitting me on auditions until I’m off of crutches and out of this boot. I think if I had suffered the same injury in the beginning of my entertainment career, I would not have understood. But now that I am older, I realize that this industry oftentimes values talent (actors, models, etc.) based on face value. I certainly cannot hobble my way into an audition for a lead role in sports movie… plus, I think that me being injured might worry production of liability. So, I am stuck here for the next month or so unable to audition– something that I have learned to love over the years. Being an actor in LA incapable of auditioning is like being a lion locked up in a cage with that juicy steak staring at your face on the other side… I live it, breathe it, and want it. Thank God for residuals to tie me over until then…

Model talk with Kevin from “Kevin & His Skateboard”

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Kevin Krieder and I were roommates in our model apartment in Hong Kong back in 2011. He and his team, including manager and publicist Scott Eriksson, are now promoting an upcoming documentary titled, “Kevin & His Skateboard”. I had the opportunity to share my personal feelings about Kevin in this interview… watch what I have to say about THIS guy. Haha!

that moment when you see a commercial that you DIDN’T book…

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Just saw a commercial on T.V. that I auditioned for months ago. I find it so refreshing every time I see a commercial that I auditioned for months ago and didn’t get… not! My initial response was, “oh hell no.” But I guess it’s all about perspective, right? It’s cool that I get to audition for so many commercials, so perhaps I will use that fire within me to “kill it” the next time I walk into a casting office for a commercial audition.

Congratulations, Mark on “Halfway Perfect”

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Mark Perini
My friend and fellow male model, Mark Perini, whom I used to work with when I lived in New York City has just published his first book, titled “Halfway Perfect.” It is a behind-the-scenes novel of the modeling world in which a former runway star fights not to get sucked back into the industry that nearly destroyed her despite her attraction to an on-the-rise male model. Pre-order your copy of “Halfway Perfect” now!

“Mistaken Ethnicity” — new webisode this week!

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This week on the 100% Mixed Show, I am on location in the jungles of Indonesia shooting a commercial with special guest Adriano Zabala. We discuss his experience being considered “race-less” with “no-identity” among the locals. How do you imagine a “race-less” person looks like?

“Kai Braden” — The 100% Mixed Show

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I am lucky enough to be the new host of the 100% Mixed Show, a YouTube web series produced by my fellow Eurasian friend Philippe Koo whom I’ve worked with modeling in Thailand. Check it out and let me know what you think!