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TOP SECRET: “nomad”

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So my agent texted me the other week about a casting for a print advertisement. I didn’t know what it was for, as there was a code name for the job: “Nomad.”

The text message states:
“Hi Kai!
you have an audition FRIDAY 3/13 for “nomad project” (PRINT)
Time : 2:50pm
Location : — Los Angeles ,CA 90038
Wardrobe : casual , short sleeve– personal style

**must have nice hands, straight fingers, nice nails & not overly hairy knuckles
Shoots : 3/26-4/3
Can we confirm?

Timing is everything in this industry, and it was not a good time for me to get this casting. My hands were torn up from a recent CrossFit Open Sectional competition known as “15.2: Overhead Squats and Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups”– a nasty yet elegant workout. I, of course, told my agent that I had some calluses and rips, but she asked for a photo (***see below) before we make a final decision. I was hesitant to hear the answer of what she had to say, but better to be honest and open than otherwise.



At first, we all agreed that it would be better to not go and make a bad impression on the casting director and client for a job that specifically asks for nice hands. We then decided, why not get a manicure and go make a fan of the casting director for any future projects. While I love lifting heavy sh*t and yelling like a lumberjack at the gym, I will admit that having an excuse for a manicure was quite enjoyable… I guess that doesn’t help redefine the male model stereotype, does it?

This morning, I got a message from my agent that the client confirmed me for the job! I still can’t say what it is, having signed a non-disclosure agreement. But I will say that it is for a product that nearly everyone can guess.

It’s funny how little things in life can deter me from pursuing something that I want in life, yet having friends and agents who advise, guide, and support me enable me to push through. I’m particularly looking forward to shoot for “nomad.”


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Have you tried this new flavor for Extra Mint? This commercial was shot in Hong Kong for Hong Kong, but ended up being released around Asia without notice to the ad agency, the casting office, the model agency, the talent management, or the actor himself (me). Thankfully for my friends overseas, they sent over this clip for me to use as proof for payment from the client. Definitely a fresher taste in my mouth when people are paid for what is rightfully theirs!

Don’t Leave Sh*t Tracks When Seeking Representation!

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Sometimes finding new representation as a model can be nerve-wracking. For myself, putting my career in the hands of someone else makes finding the right person a monumental move. And there are just so many things to think about when walking into an open call and prepare for an interview as a potential model for the agency: appropriate attire, portfolio prints, charming charisma, quality questions to ask, etc. But here’s a tip given by a friend of mine who is a modeling agent in Los Angeles: “When applying for representation as a model, one should shit at home before coming into the agency.” She told me that she recently had a model come into the agency, had a great meeting with her, and began creating her profile for official representation until she was completely overtaken by the sight of brown tracks in the toilet bowl after the model used the office bathroom. Is this something worth reconsidering when signing a new model to an agency? These are things we models should in fact take caution of when seeking new representation…

“Being Mixed in Indonesia” – New Webisode This Week!

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Being of mixed ethnicity in America is one thing, but what about being of mixed ethnicity in Indonesia? Hear what filmmaker and surfer, David John Schaap says about how he feels amongst the locals over there! I have the pleasure of interviewing him from a location shoot in the dry and unforgiving desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. Watch and comment below!

Sundance Film Festival 2015

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What once seemed unattainable is now happening! I am finally experiencing the world of the infamous Sundance Film Festival here in Park City, Utah. The cold, thin air, the crowded Main Street pubs, and the shuttle busses between theaters make this film festival a unique experience from the typical Hollywood film festivals. The hungry yet humble filmmakers are so inspiring, and seeing some big actors attending the screenings fill me with a fire to make a transition from television to film acting. So much talent through the powerful medium of film.


This week I have/will be seeing “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” “Don Verdeen,” “True Story,” “Z For Zachariah,” and a private panel with Robert Redford and George Lucas; also meeting with friends and colleagues of Sundance Hong Kong. Here’s to celebrating the arts and nurturing new business relationships!


The Monarca

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Fashion and lifestyle blogger Jenny Marie Lee is on fleek with The Monarca. A Korean Angelino living in Mexico City for fashion, she’s got that LA swag with a latin twist. See what my good friend has to say in her latest post, “Island Dreams,” where high-end brands meet steamed fish, rice, and beans!


Jenny is on social media. ‘Like’ her on Facebook and follow her on Instagram.

“You have an audition… in 30 minutes.”

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Last night I got a phone call from my agent saying that I had a primetime television series audition for a recurring guest star role in which I must have seven pages prepared (memorized) in a British accent within the next half hour… across town. Holy hell. If my stress level wasn’t already high from a crazy day of the LA grind, adding this only peaked those Cortisol hormones.

While the WB lot has been a familiar location for auditions in the past years, it never ceases to appear as a new maze. It’s as if the studio heads want to keep changing the paths of the bungalows and the offices and the stages so that people on the lot will wander around in pure confusion for comedy sake. Nevertheless, that was the least of my worries as I began memorizing my lines while “Waze-ing” my way across town. I only let myself think and talk in a British accent until I was finished with the audition. I will admit, I am not the best at accents and it began to sound Indian at one point. But, if I’m going to do this, I gotta commit one-hundred percent!

As I walked into the casting office, I immediately saw actors who looked just like me. Well, almost. Same dark features, similar build, and even the same damn wardrobe! Bah! Also, one of my biggest pet peeves is when I can hear everything that is happening in the audition room as I wait in the waiting room. And of course, this was the case. Again, another distraction… But I let that aside and focused on my character. At this point it was do or die.

It was my turn. I walked into the audition room with pure confidence and a completely open ear. And I think it went well!

On to the next!

My published article on CrossFit!

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Exercising the body has always been a part of my life since childhood. As an adult, it has influenced me in all facets. Read my article recently published on CrossFit SolCity’s blog to find out how.

Here’s your Christmas present!!

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Merry Christmas, bloggers! Cadillac China recently released this commercial that I shot in Chicago just last month! Forgot to get your family-member or best friend a gift? Go buy them a new 2015 Cadillac with noise cancellation features, now!

Sony’s “The Interview” – Free PR, anyone?

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Now if Hollywood film didn’t already manage to cause political uproars through it’s content before, it sure has now in a more creative way! I see both sides of the argument as to releasing such a politically and culturally controversial film, but I do agree with Sony’s decision to move forward with the original release date of the film. Do you? Is media really a true form of free expression, even when people’s lives may be at risk?

‘The Interview’ Release Back On For Christmas Day – Update