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Rope Swinging through the Utah canyons!

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There’s something to be said about the expected work capacity when production hires actors who are competitive at extreme sports, yet we knew we had it coming when the three of us cast members started hurting’ on the third shoot day. I was the first to start feeling the altitude and heat, as my migraine debilitated my hunger for craft service… and we all know how much I LOVE me some craft service! And Michael, after a few swings in the harness through the canyon arch, christened the beautiful red rocks of Moab, Utah with his beef sliders from lunch an hour prior. (Sorry for calling you out, Mike!) And finally, Tal, ended his shoot day as he fell onto his back from high above when his rope released too quickly from the carabiner. But to seeing the final cut of this production validates the struggle bus that this shoot was, and I am proud to be a part of it!

“To Juice or Not to Juice?”

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After 72 straight hours of dancing in the desert sun of the Coachella Music Festival, my body needed some serious hydration. My interest and curiosity in juicing has increased after years of working in both fashion and fitness, and because of the simple fact that I live in a culture where people crave kale and coconut water as their “drunk food.” As a model, I have an open mind to any diet that can improve appearance. As a CrossFit coach and athlete, I seek out diets that can keep me healthy and heighten my performance. And as a local Angelino, I can’t help but see the countless cold-pressed juice shops poppin’ up on every corner like a Starbucks chain.

Out of ease and convenience, I decide to walk down to the closest juice store I know, Pressed Juicery. They have three juice cleanse options, depending on what you want, need, and based on your juicing experience. The cleanse I choose to do is “Cleanse 3,” lasting a full three days ( This cleanse is considered the most intense and lowest calorie. I figure I’d “Go big or go home,” similar to my mentality in my CrossFit workouts, and especially since I wasn’t sure if I’d ever do this again.

Day 1: I am definitely feeling the vibes of #MotivationMonday as I begin to drink my first juice. I learn how much I keep my mouth busy with food on a daily basis as I find myself continuously sipping my seven juices throughout the day. I think I also have some “food insecurity,” as I am well aware that I am not going to eat food for the next three days. By the end of the day, I feel quite empowered yet ready to crash.

Day 2: I wake up feeling light as a feather, lift up my bed sheets and smile seeing my abs chiseled like a Ken doll. Come noon, I start to feel low energy, so I take that as a sign to keep drinking the fluids. This second night is the first time I begin to really question my decision to do this juice cleanse, but I had already stocked my refrigerator with all 21 juices and wasn’t about to bail now! Thank Jesus for the last juice of the day, which is the tastiest and heartiest of the other six during the day.

Day 3: Now my juice cleanse begins to consume my thoughts as I start having a heated conversation in my head of how this is all pointless versus how I should really be doing this for five days and not three. While I am now sleeping more soundly, I have a brain fog which makes it harder to think clearly. Regardless, I do “feel” cleaner and at this point, I am so close to the finish line. I end up going to sleep this third night dreaming about all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ, so I suppose I subconsciously am ready to go back to a life where I eat food.

Looking back, my overall pros are that the juice cleanse helped to reset my sleep schedule, kept me hydrated, and got rid of a nasty post-Coachella cough. My overall cons are that juicing is not for athletes. I exert so much energy in my CrossFit training, especially during competition season. I was always hungry, had a brain fog, and could not find my mental clarity.

Some argue that a longer cleanse would have been more effective instead of my three-day cleanse. However, I do not regret my decision to juice as it was a great way to hydrate after dancing in the desert for three days straight. I do believe it had positive effects on my physical well-being and was a great way to kick off my carb-cycling diet for the following few months. Would I do it again? Yes… just not for awhile.

My Travels in India

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***FOREWARNING*** This blog post solely serves as one man’s insight into his travels in India. I write this with a sense of humility, love, and honesty, and by no means do I intend any disrespect but only creative illustration.

Flower garlands

The Golden Triangle [New Delhi-Agra-Jaipur] is the most popular route for those traveling to India, and this is what my family and I are currently partaking within a two-week time frame. If I have to explain my experience with only one word, I would choose “intense.” An aggressive assault on the senses, I find there to be an overwhelming amount of stimulation. Respectfully, the culture is very “touchy-feely,” there are strong smells of spices and body odor, the clothing is made up of bold and beautiful colors, the traffic is loud AF, and the onions and curry make my taste buds explode with enticement.

India gate

New Delhi’s India Gate and the Sikh temples piqued my interest, to say the least. There was a man with a worn turban and a straw basket below the monumental archway. As he lifted the basket lid, I expected to see puffy idly or buttery naan. But when he started to play his flute, a cobra slowly elevated and entertained the crowd. When we went to visit the Sikh temple, I made sure to wash my feet and cover my head as to show respect before entering into the prayer room. I was immediately intimidated yet intrigued by the gravity of the guardsmen and their shiny armory.

Taj mahal

Agra is a city of monuments, although the locals call it the “City of Love.” The Taj Mahal stands strong by the river, symbolizing the love that Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan expressed toward his wife upon her death. Photos do not do it justice, and as I first walked toward the beautiful site it felt as if I were walking into a story book. The love and intimate connection I see within the relationships among the locals exemplify the reputation of this city and Indian culture as a whole.

Holding hands

Tomorrow, we will travel to the Pink City, known as Jaipur. I look forward to another part of the world I have yet to experience.

I must mention, however, that the manipulativeness of certain locals toward foreigners is most unpleasing. We had plans to go to specific places, and were deterred by lies that those places were closed. I get it– those who took us to their recommended stores (instead of where we wanted to go to) got commission upon our purchases. But it took a while for us to learn of this sales tactic, and we felt cheated. It’s true, “you live and you learn!”

Speaking of aggressive sales tactics, I think a lot of it has to do with the severe poverty in certain areas. And when I say “severe,” I mean heart-wrenching in that when I look at a sun-beaten mother’s face asking for Rs. 100 ( = 1.52 USD) because her child is dying of hunger, it makes me want to vomit from sadness and pain. It makes me want to give everything I have, and trivializes my own problems.

Beggar woman

I learn so much from my experience traveling, and I have only my family and my modeling career to thank for opening those doors and giving me the opportunity to see the world.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it. More to come!

Interview with Shannon Decker (Hollywood Cycle)

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Along with the entertainment news segment for Hollywood Cycle, I was able to squeeze in an interview with fellow model Shannon Decker for Pacific Rim Video and Front Row Features. What a driven and down to earth girl!

Due to spoiler alerts, a few moments had to be edited out… so you will just have to watch the show to find out what we are talking about!

Hollywood Cycle!

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I booked an entertainment news correspondent spot through Pacific Rim Video/Front Row Features for the premiere of “Hollywood Cycle” on E! Being on camera AND in a fitness atmosphere… I was totally in my element. Watch now!

Hand job, anyone?

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I got a call tonight from my agent that I booked a hand modeling job. (Hand modeling, you ask? Yeah…) I am already confirmed and the client is about to book my flight as it is shooting all week in San Francisco, with a call time of 7am tomorrow! I have a bit of concern, however, as my hands do not look quite as nice as they did at the casting last week due to a CrossFit workout over the weekend. So I text my agent a photo of my hands because, as I’ve learned in the past, it’s always better to be honest and on the same page with your representation than otherwise. And it was nice to hear my agent compliment my professionalism over the phone in that sense. Yet when she saw the photo, she felt it best to share it with the client so that I didn’t show up on set tomorrow and have it be an issue.


Unfortunately, the cuts on my hands were bad enough for the client to release me and book another model for the job. While this isn’t a pivotal job that will change my career forever, it was good money and it’s still a part of my career. I feel like an idiot for not better taking care of my hands, especially after a hand casting. I guess I just have trained myself over the years to forget about my castings after they happen to avoid disappointment if I don’t end up booking the job. But what I should do, is still be aware of the shoot dates in case I do book the job and be prepared for each perspective job.

I apologized to my agent for not taking care of my hands and promised her that I will take better care of them in the future. So if any of you see me working out without gloves, get on me!!!

Fast & Furious: Supercharged!

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Networking does pay off, as my publicist Scott Eriksson had previously introduced me to Peter Gonzaga of Pacific Rim Video at an industry event in Hollywood. This led me to (months later) becoming a lifestyle entertainment celebrity correspondent. Little did I know being interviewed by Pacific Rim Video would lead me to becoming a part of the press company’s team on a consistent basis. And I’d say it’s more stressful being the interviewer than the interviewee!

I’ve gotten to do some pretty fun jobs already, including being on the red carpet alongside Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, and Tyrese for the “Fast & Furious: Supercharged” attraction grand opening at Universal Studios Hollywood! I worked up a sweat trying to fight my way through the other correspondents, photographers, and press people to get the coverage we needed for the feature, and since everyone else is doing the same, it can get ugly. One woman in particular was quite short with my team as both parties were filming an “outro” at the same time, which really annoyed us as she seemingly did not regard anyone else but herself. But I will take all of this as a learning experience, and I hope that it will only make me more knowledgable in my career as an actor.

Watch my feature as it was syndicated via FOX News!

Interview with Krishna- new webisode this week!

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Watch me interview Krishna Kumar on the 100% Mixed Show where he shares his story of being mixed from Kansas to Los Angeles as a half-Indian half-British YouTuber and actor! And don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel as well, KrishnaTheKumar.

Monday mornings at work.

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Monday mornings at work.

Monday mornings at work can suck. But even with a 6AM call time, I am looking forward to all of the fun during the next 72 hours of “work” aka sliding down these water slides on camera. I cannot, of course, say what the project is until air date, but let’s just say fashionable alligators will be roaming the social media world quite soon… Can you guess what it is?

Role breakdown for casting: “Model good looks.


**PLEASE NOTE SHOE SIZE** Must be able to fit into a SIZE 9 U.S.”

new article for Amped Asia magazine!

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here’s an article I wrote, edited and published by Amped Asia magazine out now!

Click here to read it!

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